A panel ruled last week that the policy ran around specific language in federal law that allows all who enter the country to apply for asylum.

The decision leaves in place lower court rulings that Medicaid recipients who receive services from Planned Parenthood can challenge a state’s decision to cut off public funding.

A majority of the Supreme Court sounded unlikely Thursday to overturn more than a century of doctrine that allows states and the federal government to prosecute someone for the same criminal conduct.

The justices were unanimous in their affection for their retired colleague, Anthony M. Kennedy.

The case involves a felon convicted of gun possession in state and federal court who alleges the prosecutions violate the constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy.

The case involves an Indiana man whose $42,000 Land Rover was seized after he was arrested and accused of selling drugs.

The Supreme Court will consider whether protection against excessive fines applies to states.

The ruling helped landowners objecting to the designation of their property as critical habitat.

The issue is whether someone who believes he was arrested in violation of his free speech rights can pursue a claim of retaliation against the police when there was probable cause for the arrest.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is scheduled to hear an appeal of a ruling against the ban next month.

The Trump administration has asked the justices to move quickly to add the case to the docket for this term.

Families won a nearly $315 million default judgment against the Republican of Sudan but the African nation is contesting the ruling.

The Supreme Court spent a gruesome hour on constitutional ways to execute a Missouri inmate.

Court says federal law prohibiting discrimination applies to government units of every size.

Lawyers for a company that wants to extract the nation’s largest untapped deposit urged the court to look behind lawmakers’ actions.

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