The administration’s plan to include a citizenship question on the 2020 form has brought intense scrutiny on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Artist Erik Brunetti is challenging the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decision not to register his FUCT clothing line.

First Amendment case challenges prohibitions on registering “scandalous” titles.

The middle-of-the-night order came too late for the state to carry out the execution of Christopher Lee Price, and Alabama will have to ask a state court to set another date.

The court’s conservatives said Russell Bucklew has not shown that Missouri’s lethal injection method would be cruel and unusual. His lawyers say he suffers from cavernous hemangioma, which causes tumors that could rupture during the execution.

The court took different stances in cases involving Muslim and Buddhist death-row inmates.

Democratic legislative leaders have said they will not move the legislation.

Justices say Texas can’t execute an inmate without his Buddhist spiritual adviser.

A precedent written by Justice Antonin Scalia is at stake — but it is fellow conservatives who want to abandon it.

Liberal justices think it is a threat, and conservatives wonder whether courts have a role in policing it.

In a separate case, the court ruled in favor of an Alaskan moose hunter.

The foreign-owned corporation faces daily fines for not cooperating with grand jury.

Voters in five states reined in power of legislators to draw districts protecting their political interests.

The court is investigating actions of a prosecutor who has tried a man six times in a quadruple murder.

There is no requirement for a bond hearing even if they are picked up years after release from custody for crimes that could result in deportation, the court’s conservative majority finds.

Some justices wonder whether Richmond’s House Republicans have the right to appeal a lower-court ruling.

The justices turned down pleas from a death-row inmate claiming a juror in his case was racist.

Between Sept. 5 and Oct. 22, 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Malvo killed 10 people and wounded others in sniper attacks in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The justices will be judging the prosecutor and whether he discriminated against potential jurors who are black.

But the chief justice is “studying” whether the court needs its own ethics code, Justice Elena Kagan says.

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