The case over same-sex rights vs. religious rights is scheduled for oral argument before the justices in the fall.

The president, in a series of tweets, announced last month that transgender individuals would not be allowed to serve in any capacity.

The court has declined many chances to weigh in on Second Amendment protections.

The short order from the court means the administration must continue to accept those with grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives in the United States.

Unsigned opinion raises the question among court watchers.

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Roberts give commencement address to elite New Hampshire boarding school his son attended.

The newest justice has proved himself to be a self-assured jurist unafraid of the big stage.

Lower courts had ruled that the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who cited his religious beliefs, had violated the state’s public accommodations law.

The action means that the administration may impose temporary bans on travelers from six majority-Muslim countries and on all refugees, with exceptions noted by the court.

The high court declined to decide a case involving the killing of an unarmed Mexican teenager by a Border Patrol agent.

Justices ruled that a Missouri church cannot be excluded from a state program with a secular intent.

The measure allows sheriffs to impose restrictions on concealed-carry permits.

South Korean immigrant’s attorney was “dead wrong,” justices say, when he advised a plea deal.

Justices say the government must show the lie to be pertinent to the case to be the grounds for denial of citizenship.

The justices dove deeply into the facts of the high-profile killing of Fuller, who was killed inside a garage in 1984.

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