Obama saw the chief justice as a bit of a foil. Trump said he ‘looked like a dummy.’

Partygoers sued two D.C. police officers after no charges were brought and were awarded nearly $1 million.

The justices’ decision on an Asian American band could affect the Washington Redskins.

Acting solicitor general tells Supreme Court that allowing plaintiffs’ case would constitute a “massive extension” of individuals’ right to sue members of government.

The high court will hear case about the Slants, whose trademark registration was denied.

Justices accepted more than a dozen new cases but seem to be waiting to take on the more-controversial issues.

A N.Y. case centers on whether credit card “swipe fees” can be openly labeled a surcharge.

A defendant must sue the state to recover any fines he paid.

The chief justice highlights the underappreciated role of federal district judges.

Justice Breyer urges colleagues to reexamine the constitutionality of capital punishment.

Those who police Wall Street had chafed at a 2014 appeals court ruling.

The justices’ narrow decision gives company chance to recover some of $400 million owned to Apple.

For Virginia and North Carolina, it’s a question of whether race played too large a role.

The justices will consider the possible influence of race on the state’s congressional map.

The U.S. government argues that it is within its bounds to detain people without bond.

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