The legal challenge involves a dispute between the company and the federal government over data kept on servers in Ireland.

Case focuses on allegations of human rights atrocities committed abroad.

Justices also tell appeals court to vacate its earlier ruling.

Justices’ decision not to review conviction of top bin Laden lieutenant leaves military tribunals’ powers in place.

Robert McCoy proclaimed his innocence, but his counsel said the evidence showed otherwise.

A Trump filing says the issue is now moot, but challengers say the court still has work to do.

They considered whether the arrests were justified and whether officers and the city should be shielded from lawsuits.

Liberal justices are concerned about indefinite detention without a hearing; conservatives are skeptical about setting deadlines in immigration cases.

The justices will consider whether Wisconsin’s legislative districts were drawn to favor Republicans. In the wings are complaints from North Carolina and Maryland.

The National Labor Relations Act provision means some sort of collective action cannot be prohibited, workers say.

The docket includes a trio of cases dealing with the key issues of gerrymandering, privacy and equal rights.

Critics called it wrong for the justice to address a nonprofit group at the president’s property.

With Justice Neil M. Gorsuch on the bench, groups advocating for the change are hopeful he will provide a tiebreaking vote.

The justice’s detractors see his appearances as a “victory lap,” but other observers say he’s treading a familiar path.

The Supreme Court justice told CBS’ Charlie Rose she had ‘no doubt’ gender played a role in the election.

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