Some justices seemed reluctant to throw out a precedent that states say is obsolete.

The court’s liberals, plus Trump nominee Gorsuch, relied on a Scalia precedent.

New law requires tech firms to produce emails even if they are stored abroad

There’s been no clear indication on whether there’s a way to find that politics so influences redistricting that rights are violated.

For the second time this term, justices will consider whether partisan gerrymandering is consistent with the Constitution.

Sotomayor looked at the website of a party in a clinic case. Kennedy took exception.

The justices said the lower courts were too restrictive in denying funds in one of two cases in which they sided with defendants.

Conservative justices indicate that it could violate free speech rights; liberal justices also question parts of the law.

Case could have implications for “sanctuary cities”; Justices also rejected death penalty lawsuit.

The justices stayed out of the gerrymandering fight, to the advantage of Democrats in the state.

A law targets “fake” clinics that the state says trick women and put their health in danger, but these centers say the government can’t force them into speech they don’t believe.

Does Minnesota’s law banning “political” clothing and buttons violate the First Amendment? Supreme Court considers both sides.

But justices worry about a broad rule that might open police to flood of lawsuits

Conservative majority says law doesn’t provide even those held for years a bail review.

In an hour-long oral argument, justices largely echoed their stances from two years ago.

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