White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn said the Trump administration would not waste the opportunity to stock the federal judiciary with judges who take an originalist approach.

It will decide whether it violates the Constitution for California to require “crisis pregnancy centers” to tell patients about contraception services and abortion assistance.

On Monday, the court begins doing something you probably already thought it did

The ruling reverses a lower court that said lack of memory makes him ineligible for the death penalty.

Solicitor general issues filing to Supreme Court that says lawyers representing undocumented immigrant misled government lawyers, keeping them from filing an appeal.

President Trump’s pick for the Agriculture Department’s chief scientist already was controversial: He is not a scientist.

Attorneys for convicted killer say they need more money for evidence that may persuade a jury to withhold death penalty.

‘A minority of my colleagues send their regrets,’ Chief Justice Roberts says at the event marking the school’s 200th anniversary.

Usually sure-footed in protecting the Supreme Court’s reputation, Roberts opens himself up for criticism

The legal challenge involves a dispute between the company and the federal government over data kept on servers in Ireland.

Case focuses on allegations of human rights atrocities committed abroad.

Justices also tell appeals court to vacate its earlier ruling.

Justices’ decision not to review conviction of top bin Laden lieutenant leaves military tribunals’ powers in place.

Robert McCoy proclaimed his innocence, but his counsel said the evidence showed otherwise.

A Trump filing says the issue is now moot, but challengers say the court still has work to do.

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