The case has procedural problems that some argue make it a troublesome test for the issue.

The request was granted pending further review of a lower court’s order in a lawsuit challenging the end of the program.

Md. Republicans say state’s dominant Democrats drew congressional districts that violated their rights.

It is at least the third time since the president’s inauguration that the Department of Justice has renounced its past positions, some held for decades.

The justices heard arguments in one of the term’s most anticipated cases.

Most justices appear skeptical of a federal law that bars states from allowing such gambling.

The justices approved a request from the president’s lawyers to lift restrictions on the order that had been imposed by lower courts.

Justices will weigh protection and rights for same-sex couples against the First Amendment.

Appeals court had backed order asking Homeland Security to release emails and memos on ending program on ‘dreamers’

In a hearing on law enforcement’s use of cellphone data, the Supreme Court was asked to decide whether a decades-old ruling on phone records applies in the modern age.

A new case asks whether authorities need a warrant to access cell tower records that could reveal a suspect’s whereabouts.

At issue is the power of a board Congress set up to respond to complaints about patent “trolls.”

The state’s ban on semiautomatic guns with military-style features was passed after the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

New Jersey has challenged a law preventing additional states from allowing sports betting.

White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn said the Trump administration would not waste the opportunity to stock the federal judiciary with judges who take an originalist approach.

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