Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has described conservative Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist as his “first judicial hero.”

The federal judge sought to fashion what he viewed as a compromise in a case before the D.C. Circuit last fall — then issued a forceful dissent when he was reversed.

The record of the federal appeals court judge suggests he would be more to the right than retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

President Trump’s nominee and fellow conservatives can achieve right-of-center goals without overturning rulings such as Roe v. Wade.

The president is scheduled to announce the politically charged decision at 9 p.m. Monday.

Chief Justice is poised to provide the critical swing vote after Anthony Kennedy’s decision to step down.

The departure is likely to trigger a bitter partisan showdown over President Trump’s selection of a replacement.

Conservative justices dealt a major blow to organized labor, citing free-speech rights.

The states have battled for decades over whether Georgia’s consumption causes too much harm to Florida’s seafood region.

Republicans claim vindication while Democrats and advocates condemn the decision as one of the Supreme Court’s ‘great failures.’

Lower courts had found that the initial order and later versions exceeded the president’s authority granted by Congress.

The court ruled that parts of California law probably violates the First Amendment.

A three-judge panel in Texas last summer said two congressional districts and a handful of legislative districts were unconstitutional.

At issue is a lower court’s decision to invalidate a congressional map on grounds that Republicans rigged it to give themselves an unfair political advantage.

Dassey, now in his late 20s, was convicted in 2007 of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach in Wisconsin.

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