The chief justice, for the first time, confronts the aftermath of a bitter battle over Justice Kavanaugh.

New justice Kavanaugh seems open to the idea that federal authorities may detain without a bond hearing those legally in the country who have committed certain crimes.

The new justice was an active participant in his first sitting with his new colleagues.

The new Supreme Court justice said he would be first in history to have an all-female staff.

As the newest justice prepared for his Tuesday debut, his colleagues on the bench already had moved quickly to paper over the damage.

Activists on the right are poised to gain the advantage on issues including gun control and abortion.

Critics say Kavanaugh crossed a line at last week’s hearing, while supporters say his responses were excusable under the circumstances.

The former Supreme Court justice said he no longer believes Kavanaugh should be confirmed after the federal judge’s angry remarks before the Senate last week.

The court is confronted with the possibility of multiple similar appeals if it rules for the Alabama death row inmate, whom the court was told has vascular dementia.

A short-staffed Supreme Court appeared split on a case involving habitat for the endangered animal.

As D.C. flails over the imperiled nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh, the high court begins its term trained on a diminutive, delicate creature.

The Senate’s partisan warfare over Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination and Kavanaugh’s own denunciations of his political enemies have drawn scrutiny.

After Christine Blasey Ford gave her account of an assault, an angry, tearful Supreme Court nominee called the accusations “a calculated and orchestrated political hit.”

A pivotal new hearing on the nominee is set for Thursday after allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a television sit-down unheard of for a Supreme Court nominee, the federal judge discussed his own sexual history as he denied charges of misconduct.

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