Some justices wonder whether Richmond’s House Republicans have the right to appeal a lower-court ruling.

The justices turned down pleas from a death-row inmate claiming a juror in his case was racist.

In 2002, Malvo and John Allen Muhammad killed 10 people and wounded others in sniper attacks in Virginia, Maryland and the District.

The justices will be judging the prosecutor and whether he discriminated against potential jurors who are black.

But the chief justice is “studying” whether the court needs its own ethics code, Justice Elena Kagan says.

The Supreme Court justice called the limits “pure discrimination,” but he and other conservatives agreed not to take the case.

Is the Bladensburg Peace Cross unconstitutional or a secular honor to World War I heroes?

A divided court ruled for an Alabama inmate who cannot remember his crime.

As a government lawyer, Kagan fought to preserve a similar memorial. On the bench, she has vigorously backed the separation of church and state.

Justices say that a deceased judge’s vote shouldn’t have been counted in 9th Circuit ruling.

The ruling is sharply critical of how prosecutors, including future Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, handled a non-prosecution agreement with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

In an opinion written by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the justices ruled unanimously for a man whose Land Rover was seized after he sold a small amount of drugs.

The chief justice said a Texas court did not comply with instructions in reviewing an inmate’s mental health.

He agreed with the court’s decision not to take the case, but questions 1964 N.Y. Times v. Sullivan ruling.

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