The Trump administration has asked the justices to move quickly to add the case to the docket for this term.

Families won a nearly $315 million default judgment against the Republican of Sudan but the African nation is contesting the ruling.

The Supreme Court spent a gruesome hour on constitutional ways to execute a Missouri inmate.

Court says federal law prohibiting discrimination applies to government units of every size.

Lawyers for a company that wants to extract the nation’s largest untapped deposit urged the court to look behind lawmakers’ actions.

The Trump administration says the outcome of the case poses problems in international relations.

Twenty-one plaintiffs have sought to compel the government to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, a contributor to global warming.

There are six legal challenges to the inclusion of a question about a census respondent’s citizenship.

An atheist organization is seeking the removal of the World War I memorial from a median owned by a state commission, arguing it represents a government endorsement of religion.

Case centers on settlements that go to lawyers and organizations, and those allegedly harmed get nothing.

Most legal experts say the legal principle would take more than executive order to change.

Department of Justice lawyers are increasingly looking to the justices to overturn what Attorney General Jeff Sessions says are overzealous lower-court rulings.

Several states and civil rights groups have filed lawsuits against including a citizenship question in 2020 Census.

The chief justice, for the first time, confronts the aftermath of a bitter battle over Justice Kavanaugh.

New justice Kavanaugh seems open to the idea that federal authorities may detain without a bond hearing those legally in the country who have committed certain crimes.

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