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Moroccan journalist jailed for suspected security breaches

RABAT, Morocco — A Moroccan journalist was jailed Wednesday on suspicions of undermining the security of the state and of rape, the Casablanca prosecutor’s office said.

Omar Radi, a 33-year-old journalist and human rights activist, was called in for questioning for the 10th time since June 24 then placed in custody at a Casablanca prison. He was being investigated for allegedly “receiving foreign funding” and “undermining the external security of the state.”

He is also suspected of having connections with a foreign intelligence agent.

Radi is also being investigated for “use of violence” and “rape” based on a complaint filed by a young woman, the statement by the Casablanca’s prosecutor office said without elaboration.

Last month, Amnesty International claimed that the Moroccan government used sophisticated telephone surveillance software to spy on Radi’s phone.

The Moroccan government denied Amnesty’s claims and asked the international human rights organization to provide solid proof to support the spying allegation.

Radi gained prominence last year after he was arrested for a tweet that defended anti-government protesters. He was tried in March and given a four-month suspended jail sentence and a $50 fine.

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