The D.C. Attorney General’s office said Thursday it has notified Donald Trump Jr. that it wishes to interview him as part of a lawsuit alleging that President Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee improperly funneled money to the president’s business.

D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine’s lawsuit, filed in January 2020, alleges that the Trump Inaugural Committee — a tax-exempt nonprofit — wasted $1 million of donors’ money on an overpriced, little used ballroom at the president’s D.C. hotel, and then paid a $49,000 hotel bill that should have gone to the Trump Organization.

In a recent court filing, Racine’s office said that Trump Jr.’s assistant and close friend had reserved the hotel rooms at the Loews Madison Hotel that led to the $49,000 bill. After the bill went to a collections agency, the Trump Inaugural Committee paid the charge, Racine’s office said.

Racine has not said what role, if any, he thinks Trump Jr. played in that transaction.

Trump Jr. and the Trump Organization did not respond to requests for comment about the request to sit for a sworn deposition.

Trump Jr. would be the second of the president’s children to be deposed in this case. Last year, Ivanka Trump wrote on Twitter that she had spoken to Racine’s investigators for more than five hours.

Ivanka Trump called Racine’s suit “politically motivated” and “a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

Racine says the Trump Organization and the inaugural committee violated laws that prohibit charities from giving special benefits to their own leaders. His suit asks that Trump’s company pay back the benefits it received from the inaugural committee, so the money can be given to charity.