Here is a summary of the election results in Colorado: (View full map)


Obama repeated his victory in Colorado from four years ago after a competitive contest with Romney. Before the president’s 2008 victory, Republicans had won the state in eight out of the previous nine presidential elections. On Tuesday, Obama won the two suburban counties around Denver, both major battlegrounds. He needed high turnout among Latinos and strong support from women to win, the same coalition that narrowly carried Democratic Sen. Michael F. Bennet to victory in 2010.


Republicans kept their 4-3 hold on the state’s congressional delegation. In the 6th District south of Denver, Rep. Mike Coffman (R) survived a challenge from Democratic state Rep. Joe Miklosi, despite a controversial comment Coffman made last spring when he questioned whether Obama was born in the United States and added, “I do know this: In his heart, he’s not an American.”

Ballot measure: Marijuana legalization

Colorado voters also agreed to legalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 and older, regulating and taxing the drug in the same way alcohol is regulated. Polls had showed strong support for the measure, one of three on state ballots Tuesday. Backers of legalization raised almost $2 million. Individuals will also be allowed to cultivate marijuana plants for their own use.

Colorado is among 17 states that allow marijuana use for medical purposes.

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