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The Indiana Senate race betwen Rep. Joe Donnelly and Richard Mourdock was decided in a fashion that echoed the Akin-McCaskill race in Missouri. As Greg Jaffe reported:

Democrats picked up a Senate seat with the victory of Rep. Joe Donnelly over Republican Richard Mourdock. Mourdock’s campaign stumbled badly after he said in October that pregnancy resulting from rape was “something God intended.”

His remarks did not bring the same kind of wide condemnation as Akin’s, but they appeared to shift the race to Donnelly.

The tea party-backed state treasurer had handily won the Republican primary over Sen. Richard G. Lugar, a six-term moderate. Ten days after his pregnancy remarks, polls showed Mourdock trailing Donnelly by 11 points.

More results:


Mitt Romney succeeded in picking up Indiana’s 11 electoral college votes. Obama won the state in 2008 by a margin of one percent, but it was the first time Indiana had gone Democrat in more than 40 years, and Romney was widely expected to retake the state, which has seen little campaigning activity from either camp.


Democrat Joe Donnelly, who currently sits in the House of Representatives, won Indiana’s Senate race in a fiercely fought contest against Republican state treasurer Richard Mourdock. The win represents a much-needed gain for the Democrats in their bid to retain control of the Senate. Mourdock unseated six-term Republican senator and incumbent Richard Lugar in a primary battle earlier this year, but ran into difficulties on social issues during the general election campaign. To mobilize their vote to capture a much-needed Senate seat, Democrats capitalized on remarks Mourdock made suggesting pregnancies resulting from rape are planned by God.


Republican Mike Pence will be the next governor of Indiana. Representative Pence had been the clear favorite to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, but faced a stronger-than-expected challenge from the Democratic former state house speaker, John Gregg. However, in the end the solid Republican vote across the state proved sufficient to hold off the challenge and keep the Governor’s residence in Republican hands.


The Democrats lost one House seat in Indiana over the course of the race – the 2nd District, previously held by the state’s new senator, Joe Donnelly. The Republican former state representative Jackie Walorski beat Democratic challenger and Iraq veteran Brendan Mulleen to the district. Elsewhere, Dave Crooks failed to take the 8th District, a low-level target for the Democrats.

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