Here is a summary of the election results in Maine: (View full map)


Obama won Maine’s four electoral votes with 58 percent of the statewide vote as of early Wednesday. Republicans had hoped to pick up one of the two district votes – Maine awards two electoral votes to the statewide winner, and then one each to the winner of two electoral districts – but Obama swept the state.


Former governor Angus King (I) captured the seat formerly held by Olympia J. Snowe (R). He is expected to caucus with the Democrats, though he wouldn’t say which side he would join until after the election. King had won 54 percent of the vote by early Wednesday, defeating Republican Secretary of State Charlie Summers who had 29 percent and Democrat Cynthia Dill with about 14 percent. King was the subject of Republican attack ads and did not have voter rolls from either party, but was able to build his own organization and ride that to victory. He is socially liberal, supports Obama’s health care program and endorsed the president. His win is likely a net gain for the Democrats in the Senate.


Incumbent Democrats Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud won reelection comfortably Tuesday night. Pingree had won nearly two thirds of the vote in the 1st District, and Michaud had almost 60 percent in the 2nd District.

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