Here is a summary of the election results in Massachusetts: (View full map)

In a tightly contested Senate race, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren beat incumbent Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown. As Stephanie McCrummen reported:

Warren, who rose to national prominence as chair of the congressional panel overseeing the 2008 Wall Street bailout, is the first woman to be elected U.S. senator from Massachusetts.

“This victory belongs to you,” she told a raucous and jam-packed crowd at her headquarters in Boston. “You did this for every family that has been squeezed and hammered. We are going to fight for a level playing field and we are going to put people back to work. To all the small-business owners who are tired of a system rigged against them, we’re going to hold the big guys accountable.”

“I will always carry your stories in my heart,” Warren said. “I will be your champion.”


Although Mitt Romney has spent most of his adult life in the Bay State and served one term as its governor, he was never given much chance against President Obama in this heavily Democratic state. In fact, during the campaign Romney rarely mentioned Massachusetts by name, preferring to call it generically “my state.” The Associated Press called the state for Obama soon after the polls closed.


Elizabeth Warren, a bankruptcy expert and Harvard law professor, defeated Scott Brown, the handsome and affable moderate elected in 2010 to fill out the late Edward M. Kennedy’s term. Their contest was among the nation’s most closely watched. Brown’s surprising election in 2010 signaled the GOP’s mid-term resurgence. Warren helped establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, part of the regulatory reform that followed the financial meltdown of 2009. Brown campaigned as a non-ideological Republican willing to cooperate with Democrats. Warren argued the importance of Democrats retaining control of the Senate, making every seat won (or retained) crucial.


Congress once more has a Kennedy in it. Joseph P. Kennedy III, 32, was the winner in the 4th congressional district, beating Sean Bielat, a businessman and Marine reservist. Kennedy, who fills the seat vacated by Barney Frank, was an assistant district attorney. His father, also named Joseph, is a former congressman and the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy. Democrats won in eight of the Bay State’s nine congressional districts. Among them are Ed Markey (5th District) and Niki Tsongas (3d District), widow of former senator and congressman Paul Tsongas. In two districts there was no Republican opposition.

Ballot Initiatives

A ballot initiative allowing the medical use of marijuana was approved. Criminal and civil penalties will be eliminated for patients with cancer, glaucoma, HIV infection, multiple sclerosis and several other diseases whose physicians certify they need the drug. Also on the ballot is an initiative allowing physician-assisted suicide.

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