Starting a frenzied final weekend of barnstorming in his adopted home state of New Hampshire, Mitt Romney made an urgent appeal here Saturday to undecided voters and even to some of President Obama’s supporters to come over to his side.

“I need you to spend some time in the next three days to see neighbors — and maybe ones with an Obama sign in front of their home – and just go by and say, ‘Look, let’s talk this through a bit.’ Because, you see, President Obama came into office with so many promises and he’s fallen so far short,” Romney told supporters at a morning rally in Newington.

On a crisp and chilly New England morning, the Republican nominee rallied an enthusiastic crowd at the airport here before walking a few hundred yards across the tarmac to board his plane en route to Iowa and on to Colorado. By Monday night, Romney will have touched down in eight battleground states, some of them multiple times.

Tiny New Hampshire’s four electoral votes could prove decisive if Tuesday night’s results in other key states are close. “New Hampshire got me the Republican nomination, and New Hampshire is going to get me the White House,” Romney declared.

Romney pressed his case that he could bring the change Washington needs to reinvigorate the economy. And should any voter forget, a huge sign reminded them of Romney’s new mantra: “Real Change on Day One.”

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“Talk is cheap,” Romney said. “A record is real and takes hard work, and [Obama] has not been able to accomplish it. And I actually have a record of accomplishment, and that’s why I’m running. As you know, I started a business. I actually have turned around another business and helped turn around the Olympics. And, you may have heard, I was governor next door in Massachusetts.”

Romney’s remarks here, at the first of four rallies planned Saturday, were tinged with nostalgia. He is accompanied on this weekend’s final sprint by his wife, Ann, and a half-dozen advisers and intimates who have been at his side since he began his quest for the presidency five years ago. Some of them posed for pictures as they boarded the candidate’s plane.

“We’ve journeyed far and wide in this campaign,” Romney said. “We’ve had some long days and some very short nights, but we are almost there. And the door – the door to opportunity is open, and we’re going to walk through it. Come walk with me. Walk together to a better place. We’ve got to take back this country. We have got to restore the greatness that is America.”