Nearly 300 Republicans on the ballot in 2022 midterms have disputed the 2020 election results. See which are running near you.

Here's what time polls close and how long it might take to get election results for the 2022 midterms, according to the Associated Press.

Voters on Nov. 8 will cast their ballots for mayor, council and decide on an initiative to require tipped workers to be paid the full minimum wage.

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These are the three likeliest scenarios for who will take control of Congress, and what they have said they will do in power.

Voters are weighing ballot measures to legalize recreational marijuana, including Maryland's Question 4, and solidify abortion rights, as in California’s Proposition 1.

Who is running in the midterm elections? What are the top issues? How can I vote? We answer your questions about the November elections.

How rural Coffee County, Ga., became an early target in the multistate search for purported evidence of election fraud.

Among 569 GOP candidates who advanced to the general election in key races for statewide and federal office, 53 percent have denied the 2020 election result.

Three scenarios for which party controls Congress — and what politicians have said they'll do with that power.

Just tuning in? Maybe you want a primer on how to vote, who’s on your ballot, or other election basics. We’ve got you covered!

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Not sure how to fill out your ballot? Forgot to sign the envelope? These ballot mistakes could mean your vote won’t count.

David Clements is traveling the country trying to convince local leaders to withhold certification of election results. If he succeeds, it could cause chaos.

The Arizona outcome is especially consequential given the role the state played in the 2020 election and its aftermath.

Lake has pledged to try to enact election-related policies that could fundamentally upend the way people vote and how their votes are counted.

Joe Oltmann has built a sprawling political network in Colorado marked by false 2020 election claims and suggestions that opponents be hanged.

The decline of democracy in the United States. Lessons from 150 books about President Trump and his time in office. And, the rise of Sarah Cooper.

Riot police used water cannons and tear gas to try to disperse protesters, at least 20 of whom have been arrested in recent days.

How the democratic dreams of Hong Kong have been muted. Why workers are facing layoffs — again. And Disney World reopens in Florida.

His good-government “reforms” get bad reviews from scholars.

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The bill mandates a yearly review of Hong Kong’s special status with the United States, which underpins its position as an international business hub.

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