Below are key excerpts of Vice President Biden’s remarks as prepared for delivery:

“In the face of the deepest economic crisis in our lifetimes -- this nation proved itself.  We're as worthy as any generation that has gone before us.

“The same grit, the same determination, the same courage, that has always defined what it’s meant to be an American—is in you.

“We're on a mission to move this nation forward — from doubt and downturn, to promise and prosperity.

“A mission we will continue and a mission we will complete.

“The two men seeking to lead this country over the next four years have fundamentally different visions, and a completely different value set.


“Governor Romney believes that in the global economy, it doesn’t much matter where American companies put their money or where they create jobs.

“I found it fascinating last week--when Governor Romney said, that as President, he’d take a jobs tour. Well with all his support for outsourcing -- it’s going to have to be a foreign trip.

“Look, President Obama knows that creating jobs in America -- keeping jobs in America -- and bringing jobs back to America -- is what being President is all about.

“My fellow Americans, we now find ourselves at the hinge of history. 

“And the direction we turn is in your hands.

“It has been an honor to serve you, and to serve with a President who has always stood up for you. 

“As I’ve said, I’ve seen him tested.