Below are the remarks of Rep. Nancy Pelosi as prepared for delivery:

Fellow Democrats! That American dream is the story of America. We are  here  to reignite the American dream. I'm pleased to see so many young  people--the future of our party, the hope of America.

I stand before you as the first mother and grandmother to serve as  Democratic leader and speaker of the House. For 25 years, it has been my  privilege to represent the city of San Francisco and the great state of  California; to work to strengthen our vibrant middle class; to secure  opportunity and equality. We stand together in our "drive for 25"— 25 seats  to win back the House — as we re-elect President Barack Obama!

Democrats believe in reigniting the American dream by removing barriers  to  success and building ladders of opportunity for all, so everyone can  succeed. Jobs are central to the American dream--and President Obama has  focused on jobs from day one. Under President Obama, we've gone from  losing  800,000 jobs a month to adding 4.5 million private sector jobs over the  last 29 months. The American dream is about freedom. Jobs mean freedom  for  workers to support their families.

Working with President Obama, Democrats passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair  Pay  Act to strengthen the rights of women in the workplace; repealed "don't  ask, don't tell" so our troops can serve the country they love regardless  of whom they love; made college more affordable. House Democrats passed  the Dream Act, but Senate Republicans blocked it. With President Obama,  Democrats enacted the toughest consumer safeguards in history to protect  Main Street from recklessness on Wall Street. Democrats passed health  reform to allow Americans the freedom to pursue their passion; to make  health care a right, not a privilege; to ensure that being a woman is no  longer a "pre-existing condition"!

Freedom is secured every day by our men and women in uniform. We must build a future worthy of their sacrifice. We thank them for keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

This year, we are determined to re-elect an extraordinary president who, in no ordinary time, led America back from the brink of depression — while Republicans tried to block him at every turn. This election offers the clearest choice of our time. Many names are on the ballot. So, too, is the character of our country. Medicare is on the ballot. Democrats will preserve and strengthen Medicare. Republicans will end the Medicare guarantee. It's just plain wrong. When you go to the polls, vote for Medicare. Vote for President Obama!

Social Security is on the ballot. Democrats enacted it. Democrats will fight to preserve it. Some Republicans want to replace the guarantee of Social Security with the gamble of private accounts. It's just plain wrong. When you go to the polls, vote for Social Security. Vote for President Obama!

The hard-won rights of women are on the ballot. Democrats trust the judgment of women. We reject the Republican assault on women's health. It's just plain wrong. When you go the polls, vote for women's rights. Vote for President Obama!

Our democracy is on the ballot. Democrats believe we must curb the influence of special interests on our political institutions. To change policy for the middle class, we must change politics. Democrats believe we must create jobs, not protect the special interests; build the economy from the middle out, not the top down. Democrats will work to overturn Citizens United. Republicans support opening the floodgates to special interest money and suppressing the right to vote. It's just plain wrong. We believe  in government of the many, not the privileged few. When you go to the  polls, vote for democracy. Vote for President Obama!

  The American dream is on the ballot. Ladders of opportunity for our middle class are on the ballot. And we have work to do. We must reignite the American dream. With President Obama, we will move America forward. When you go to the polls, vote for strong Democratic majorities in the House and Senate! Vote for Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama! God bless the United States of America.