President Donald Trump waves to supporters from the steps of Air Force One as he arrives in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Feb. 10. (Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press)

The FBI on Wednesday released a 389-page file of interviews and other material that was used by the Justice Department in its 1973 housing racial bias case in New York against Donald Trump and his father, Fred.

The Washington Post wrote about the case last year based on more extensive files from the Justice Department, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The FBI file does not shed new light on the role of Donald Trump, who served as company president.

One affidavit from a former Trump Management employee, who said that he had been fired, said that Fred Trump told him “it was absolutely against the law to discriminate” but later told him “he also wanted to get rid of the blacks that were in the building.”

Trump and his father settled the case in 1975 without admitting wrongdoing, but they were required to take out advertisements saying they welcomed renters of all races. Trump said in an interview with The Post last year that he believed the charges brought against him and his father were unfair, and that the company never discriminated.