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Senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department would be even further restricted in their rights to challenge disciplinary actions against them, under a plan being discussed between the department and leaders of the House committee overseeing the VA.

In his last budget proposal, President Obama left federal employees strong words of support, though not much money.

DHS pledges action as fears of online radicalization rise.

Bill would require the Obama administration to draft strategy to combat radicalization

A Senate committee has approved a bipartisan bill to cut back on federal agencies' use of administrative leave.

Federal employees rallied for a 5.3 percent raise in a cold rain on a muddy lawn across from the U.S. Capitol. It was a metaphor for their power in a town where Congress is controlled by Republicans and their Democratic friends in the White House feel constrained by budget realities.

President Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal 2017 contains the previously announced plan for a 1.6 percent raise for federal employees.

Federal employees struggle with friends and foes this legislative season.

President Obama's plan for a federal pay raise is criticized as too low. Meanwhile his personnel office pick faces tough Senate questions and a possible block of her nomination.

Kids, adults crossing the southwestern border fell dramatically in January, DHS says

A long-simmering dispute over how the Obama administration applied the Affordable Care Act to members of Congress and some of their staff has been revived and could hang up the confirmation of a new federal personnel chief.

President Obama is to call for a 1.6 percent pay raise for federal employees.

Longest-serving government watchdog raised warnings about computer security both before and after breaches of personnel and background investigation files.

A former FBI employee suffers retaliation for his whistleblowing activities. New legislation would help others like him, but it is too late for his case.

Charges against arrested ISIS-liked hacker show terror threats against federal employees and military members.

Was the Environmental Protection Agency’s lethargic response to the Flint water crisis par for the course or an unfortunate aberration?

The Office of Personnel Management will hold a limited open enrollment period for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to allow active staffer to apply for self plus one coverage.

EPA procrastinated in responding to Flint water crisis, despite efforts of a dedicated employee

Being prepared for a smooth transition in the event of a win is smart thinking.

Three senators introduce legislation designed to "cut down on excessive, abusive, expensive leave" for federal employees.

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