Flooding kills three;
thousands flee area

Flash flooding unleashed by torrential downpours in Colorado killed at least three people and forced thousands to flee their homes as rising water toppled buildings and stranded motorists, officials said Thursday.

The unusually heavy late-summer rains drenched Colorado’s biggest urban centers, stretching 130 miles along the eastern slopes of the Rockies from Fort Collins south through Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

An estimated 2,000 to 3,000 people were ordered evacuated from their homes in Commerce City, a blue-collar suburb north of Denver, when a retaining pond there overflowed.

— Reuters

Air Travel
FAA lists ‘high risk’
traffic control errors

U.S. air traffic controllers made 41 “high risk” mistakes last year, including seven that could have ended in catastrophe, the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday.

That tally was listed in an FAA report that said the overall number of mistakes by controllers had been vastly undercounted for years. Largely through use of a new monitoring system, the agency determined that 4,394 errors were made by controllers who handled 132 million flights in fiscal 2012. The FAA said 1,271 of those mistakes were serious enough to warrant a review.

That overall number is more than twice the 1,895 mistakes reported the year before and in 2010, and more than three times the 1,271 counted in 2009. Critics have long said the FAA error statistics were far below the reality.

— Ashley Halsey

Fire on Seaside Park boardwalk: A raging fire took out virtually all boardwalk businesses in a New Jersey town that is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Nancy Koury, a member of the Seaside Park Council, said Thursday’s fire severely damaged about 32 businesses. She said no serious injuries were reported.

— Associated Press