Medical malpractice award cap is rejected

Caps placed on how much money people can receive in cases where a doctor’s mistakes led to a patient’s death were declared unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday.

The lawsuit limits were part of a law pushed by then-Gov. Jeb Bush (R) in 2003 in an effort to lower the cost of malpractice insurance rates and to keep doctors from moving out of state.

Thirty-five states have some type of cap on medical malpractice awards, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

— Associated Press

4 more bodies found at site of explosion

Rescuers working amid cold, gusty winds and billowing smoke pulled four additional bodies overnight from the rubble of two Manhattan apartment buildings, as the death toll rose Thursday to at least seven from an explosion triggered by a gas leak.

At least five people were unaccounted for after the blast Wednesday morning in East Harlem. More than 60 were injured.

— Associated Press

Colo. court says some pot cases can be thrown out: Some people convicted of marijuana possession in Colorado at the time the state legalized recreational pot, may have their cases thrown out, a state appellate court ruled Thursday. Colorado and Washington state voted in 2012 to legalize the possession and recreational use of small amounts of marijuana. The ruling applies only to cases in which appeals had not been exhausted, and not to all defendants convicted of possession under the old law.

Dingell undergoes heart procedure: Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.), 87, who recently said that he will end the longest­ congressional career in U.S. history early next year, underwent a procedure Thursday to correct an abnormal heart rhythm, the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit said.

— Associated Press