In an interview with a gay magazine, Sen. Al Franken (D) said he personally likes fellow Minnesotan and Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann despite their political differences.

“I like Michele,” he told The Advocate. “When you’re in the same delegation...You just see each other, we fly on a plane together, we’ve gone to funerals together, we’ve cried together, we’ve laughed together.”

He related a story about a get-together that she attended in Washington.

“We had a Minnesota hotdish-off,” he said. “She was the only Republican who came; she wore a Twins apron. I think she was the only other member in the delegation besides me who actually made the hotdish. She made venison kielbasi, sauerkraut, and noodles, and we had a fun time.”

Still, he acknowledged that the two are polar opposites politically. Asked about her opposition to same-sex marriage, he said, “I just completely disagree with her on this issue—and almost everything else.”