CBO: No, seriously, the Senate bill cuts Medicaid spending

Over the next 20 years, the cuts are steeper than originally thought.


D.C. Council approves budget with extra perks for its employees

(Ricky Carioti / The Washington Post)

It would exempt council staffers from strict bonus rules and allow them to get retirement contribution matches.


Tip for saving money under the Senate health-care bill: Don’t be old

Here's how the Senate health-care bill might affect you.


It’s official: The Senate health-care bill is about cutting Medicaid

The Senate bill would result in even fewer people on Medicaid than the House bill.

Three numbers to understand the CBO report on Senate Republicans’ health-care bill

22 million more people uninsured over the next decade is not a great look for Senate Republicans


Kansas’ collapsed tax-cut plan will provide political fodder for Democrats for decades

California raised taxes — and saw much more economic growth.


Trump is finding it easier to tear down old policies than to build his own

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

After being the “party of no” during the Obama years, Republicans are trying to figure out what they want to achieve in the Trump era.


Scott Pruitt, outspoken and forceful, moves to the center of power within the Trump administration

(Darla Cameron and Juliet Eilperin )

The EPA administrator played a decisive role in president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.


This Senate staffer could change the course of the health-care debate

(Jakub Mosur / Photographer)

The low-profile Senate parliamentarian will decide if the GOP can follow through on its plans to roll back Obamacare.

Hard-working taxpayers don’t support big cuts to food stamps, it turns out

The public and workers are more supportive of cutting welfare, especially Republicans.