Trump budget proposal spells more pain for D.C. region

(Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

Safety net cuts in full White House budget will compound cuts in federal workforce, housing aid and more, local officials say.

A new definition of ‘compassion’: How the White House wants to fundamentally redefine government spending

Democrats call Trump's budget a 'betrayal'


Even some Republicans balk at Trump’s plan for steep budget cuts

(Denise Lu and Kim Soffen)

While some fiscally conservative lawmakers, particularly in the House, found a lot to praise in Trump’s plan to balance the budget within 10 years, most Republicans flatly rejected the White House proposal — setting up a potential clash between House and Senate Republicans.

Senate Democrats: Trump would cut more in infrastructure spending than he proposes to add

An analysis cites $206 billion in cuts to an array of infrastructure programs.


The impossible magic math of Trump’s budget proposal, explained

Breaking down the iffy math at the heart of Trump's first budget.

Congress doesn’t want to touch Trump’s budget with a 10-foot pole

$1 trillion in cuts for the social safety net? Yeah ... no, Democrats AND Republicans say.

Trump’s newest health care proposal might be one of his most unpopular ideas yet

One poll in March found 74 percent of voters oppose decreased funding for Medicaid, while just 22 percent of voters support decreased funding.


Montgomery County taxpayers are spared hike in new county budget

(Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

Council members say 2018 spending plan still covers education and other basic services.


Macron’s ‘radical centrism’ sure looks a lot like conservatism

To the chagrin of leftists, France’s new president ceded control of budget and economy to the political right.


Alexandria council passes 6 percent residential property tax increase

Schools, sewers and infrastructure will benefit, officials say.