He isn’t running, but if he were, what would Haley Barbour be talking about on the trail?


Governor of Mississippi

If the 2012 election is about President Obama’s policies and the negative results of those policies, he won’t be reelected; so if I were campaigning, I’d talk about how his policies have made economic growth and job creation harder.

Republicans and independents want a straightforward, factually accurate discussion of Obama’s proposals for the largest tax increase in history, which falls mostly on job creators; his unprecedented explosion of the federal debt, primarily caused by his skyrocketing government spending; creation of a government-run health-care system that will increase the cost of both health care and health insurance; an energy policy that would drive up energy costs so Americans will use less of it; and excessively expensive and onerous regulation.

Those Obama policies will elect a new Republican president because they make it harder to create jobs and stimulate growth.

The plain-spoken truth about issues such as controlling spending on entitlements and promoting economic growth and deficit reduction through tax reform will pay off in the primaries and in November. Voters are sick of happy talk and cheap attacks. They’re ready for problem solving, and they know it requires tough decisions.

Finally, I’d attack Obama’s policies and offer solutions instead of attacking primary opponents. As conservative as I am, remember that the middle will decide the election in November, and the center agrees with us on the critical issues.