Cher, seen in Washington in December. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

President Trump seized Monday on a day-old tweet from pop icon Cher questioning the ability of Los Angeles to take care of its homeless population much less a potential influx of undocumented immigrants.

“I finally agree with @Cher!” Trump wrote on Twitter of the singer and actress who has been among his fiercest celebrity critics since he arrived in the White House.

Cher’s tweet — which had been cheered by other conservatives since she posted it Sunday afternoon — comes as Trump is considering a new policy of busing immigrant detainees to “sanctuary cities” led by Democrats.

“I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN,” Cher wrote on Twitter. “WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+ Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More.”

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro was among those who highlighted Cher’s tweet Sunday, writing on Twitter: “Wow Trump made Cher into a Republican.”

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., also weighed in, writing: “Amazing, simply amazing. I guess the leftists are only pro illegals when they can lay the huge burden on someone else.”

Cher is not someone whose views the White House had been inclined to cite in the past.

In a separate tweet related to Trump’s possible plan on migrants, she referred to him as the “world’s newest dictator.”

In another recent tweet, Cher blasted Trump’s ban on transgender people serving openly in the military, calling it vindictive and saying Trump was “Pandering 2 His Rightwing Base.” She was been critical of numerous other Trump policies.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump was “looking at all options” in response to an influx of migrants at the southern border.

She said the idea of busing them to sanctuary cities is not an “ideal solution” but said that if Democrats refuse to negotiate with Trump on border security, the White House is prepared to “put some of those people into their communities.”

Felicia Sonmez contribute to this report.