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The pandemic had already upended the celebrations; then came the insurrection.
The president-elect has faced hard times before, and now prepares to take control of a nation in crisis.
The former California senator breaks one glass ceiling — and now will define herself more fully than she has to date.
Ambition combined with empathy makes for an unusual politician.
With the swearing in of Kamala D. Harris, the voice of the second highest-ranking executive in the land will not be a masculine baritone. Gravitas will have a feminine lilt.
The Biden Agenda
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The forthcoming impeachment trial in the Senate threatens to delay hearings for Biden’s top political appointees, further upsetting a transition already beset by extraordinary delays and facing generational challenges.
The House speaker accused acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller of trying to “burrow” a Republican Party operative into the Democratic administration of Joe Biden.
The effort would allow millions of immigrants here to start on a path to citizenship and expand refugee admissions as well as deploy technology to guard the border.
With massive police presence in place, authorities report no major incidents around state Capitol.