Biden’s economic agenda must prop up a buckling U.S. economy long enough for the pandemic to wane.
The president-elect has laid out a long list of priorities on immigration, climate change and coronavirus for the beginning of his term.
Joe Biden will become the 46th president when he takes the oath of office. Just as no two presidents are alike, neither are the ceremonies that usher them into office.
The Biden Agenda
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The pandemic had already upended the celebrations; then came the insurrection.
The president-elect has faced hard times before, and now prepares to take control of a nation in crisis.
The former California senator breaks one glass ceiling — and now will define herself more fully than she has to date.
Ambition combined with empathy makes for an unusual politician.
With the swearing in of Kamala D. Harris, the voice of the second highest-ranking executive in the land will not be a masculine baritone. Gravitas will have a feminine lilt.
More transfer of power news
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Follow the president-elect’s progress filling nearly 800 positions, among the 1,250 that require Senate confirmation, in this tracker from The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.
Even though this year will be anything but conventional, past presidential moves show that it takes a herculean effort to transition from the old White House residents to the new ones.
President-elect Joe Biden plans to deliver remarks on vaccine distribution a day after calling the efforts of President Trump's administration a "dismal failure."
Trump’s attacks on Biden’s win are unprecedented, but bitterness over losing is nearly as old as the presidency.