Mitt Romney has been declared the Massachusetts GOP primary winner. As The Fix team wrote:

Mitt Romney easily won the state he used to govern and where he still votes.

The former governor would have been the heavy favorite even if he didn’t have the home-state advantage. He’s more popular in the state now than he was four years ago.

In 2008, Romney beat John McCain in Massachusetts by only 10 points. In that race, he positioned himself as the conservative alternative to the moderate front-runner. Now Romney is considered the most moderate candidate in the field. It might hurt him elsewhere, but it’s made him even more popular in this Northeastern bastion of moderate Republicanism.

Sometimes Massachusetts seems like an albatross around Romney’s neck, given his constant attempts to explain the policies he enacted in the Bay State. On Tuesday night, Massachusetts finally did Romney some good.

Super Tuesday is upon us and the battle for the Republican presidential nomination is in high gear as the four leading candidates compete for more than 400 delegates in 10 states: Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Dakota, Idaho and Alaska. Polls in Massachusetts closed at 8 p.m. EST.

Analysis from The Fix: If Mitt Romney loses his home state — or comes anywhere close to losing it — it would be an upset of epic proportions. That said, there’s zero evidence Romney faces any sort of challenge in the Bay State.

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