Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, is urging the public to #GetOutAndVote next month.

In a Sunday afternoon tweet, Cohen said the Nov. 6 midterms, in which Democrats are aiming to retake control of the House and the Senate, “might be the most important vote in our lifetime.”

In August, Cohen pleaded guilty to eight violations of tax, banking and campaign finance laws, implicating Trump in some of his actions.

New York state law prohibits felons from voting, but only while incarcerated, an attorney for the New York Civil Liberties Union told NBC News.

Cohen is out on bail until his sentencing in December, meaning he remains eligible to cast a ballot on Nov. 6. The midterms could be his last opportunity to vote for some time: He faces 46 to 63 months in prison, according to court filings.

Cohen last week changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, according to his attorney, Lanny Davis, who said in a tweet that his client was “distancing himself from the values of the current Admin.”

On Sunday, Davis made note of Cohen’s call for voters to go to the polls.

“No one knows better than @michaelcohen212 why the midterm stakes are so important to #America’s future as he is the holder of truth about @realdonaldtrump,” the lawyer tweeted.