First Lady Michelle Obama again impressed with her high fashion during the Obamas visit to Britain, as the President and his wife met with Queen Elizabeth and new Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton among others. As AP reported:

Michelle Obama packed a wardrobe of high-fashion clothes to accompany her husband on a state visit to England. She made quick changes from one dress to another on Tuesday, wearing designer labels that stretch from Los Angeles to London.

To an elegant, formal state dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, the first lady wore a white gown with a crisscross halter neckline by Tom Ford, a top-tier American designer who makes his home half the year across the pond.

There was another fashion plate at Buckingham Palace as well: The new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wore a sand-colored dress by the British label Reiss. Her appearance sparked such a rush in demand for the above-the-knee sheath, with a retail price of $340, that the retailer’s website traffic increased by more than 300 percent, resulting in several crashes throughout the day, according to the company.

The 29-year-old newlywed “looks her age. I was afraid the minute she got in the royal family, she’d be wearing clothes that were too formal. I like that there’s no coat or suit,” said Kate Betts, author of “Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style.”

Mrs. Obama also hit it right, said Betts. “She looks so pretty. The dress is so English. In my opinion, she rarely makes a mistake, and today is no different.”

Michelle Obama also met with the same group of secondary school students she visited in 2009, this time at the University of Oxford. As AP explained:

First Lady Michelle Obama is to meet with students from a London secondary school she visited in 2009 to discuss their educational goals.

The meeting with 35 girls from the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School will take place at the Christ Church campus at the University of Oxford.

Officials said Wednesday the meeting will take place in the room used as a dining hall in the Harry Potter movies.

The first lady will make a brief statement and then take questions from the girls aged 12-15.

The students have spent the day immersed in the Oxford experience to learn more about what happens at one of Britain’s elite universities.

The meeting is part of Obama’s effort to emphasize the importance of education.

President Obama is in Britain as part of a European tour, and will address Parliament on Wednesday to outline how the changing world will affect the U.S.-British partnership. As Scott Wilson reported:

President Obama will outline in a speech Wednesday how much the world has changed since the U.S.-British partnership emerged victorious from World War II, but also argue that the relationship remains the cornerstone of global security.

The theme, outlined by administration officials here Tuesday, is part celebration of the military partnership, which has waged war in three Muslim nations over the past decade, and part reassurance that the heavy cost has been essential.

Obama will deliver the address, characterized by advisers as “the anchor speech” of his six-day European trip, to the British Parliament at Westminster Hall, becoming the first American leader to do so in that historic venue.

But his argument, directed at the European public, will be politically challenging. Britain and several other European members of NATO are sharply cutting back spending and public services to rebalance budgets strained by the weak global economy — something the United States hasn’t done to the same extent.

In making his case to a war-weary Europe, Obama will describe the U.S.-European partnership as one that goes beyond a military alliance, declaring that shared political values are helping inspire the rising demand for democracies in the Arab world.

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