Man killed by police had warned of trouble

Authorities say a 107-year-old Arkansas man who died in a police standoff this weekend told officers months earlier that they would have to shoot him or throw him in jail before he went back home with his son-in-law.

Police reports show that Monroe Isadore made the comments in June after he said his daughter and son-in-law didn’t want him around. Neither Isadore’s daughter nor son-in-law returned phone messages left Tuesday.

Isadore died Saturday in Pine Bluff after he opened fire on police and authorities shot him. Authorities say police tried using negotiating tactics and gas to get him to leave the house where he was staying before shooting him.

Police say an officer involved in the shooting has been placed on paid, administrative leave.

— Associated Press

In video, man says he caused fatal crash

An Ohio driver who made an online video confessing to causing a fatal wrong-way crash after drinking heavily must wait at least a day to enter his promised guilty plea.

In a 3½-minute video posted last week, Matthew Cordle admitted he killed a man from a Columbus suburb and said he “made a mistake” when he decided to drive that night.

“My name is Matthew Cordle, and on June 22nd, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani,” he says somberly. “This video will act as my confession.”

Cordle, from the Columbus suburb of Powell, appeared briefly in Franklin County court Tuesday after being charged with aggravated vehicular homicide a day earlier and turning himself in. Judge Julie Lynch ended the hearing shortly after it began. She said an expected arrangement whereby Cordle would plead guilty and be sentenced had changed. Lynch said Cordle should appear before her again Wednesday.

— Associated Press

Smashed iPad keyin Zimmerman case

Police investigating a domestic dispute between George Zimmerman and his estranged wife, Shellie, said Tuesday that video from her broken iPad may be crucial evidence in determining whether any charges are filed.

Police believe the mobile device captured video of Monday’s dispute at the Lake Mary house where Zimmerman was living, but the former neighborhood watch volunteer smashed it to pieces and it needs to be examined in a crime lab. Without the video or other evidence, legal experts said it will be hard to build a case because Shellie Zimmerman changed her story about her husband threatening her with a gun and decided not to press charges.

Two months ago, Zimmerman was acquitted in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17.

— Associated Press

Identified flying object: A
baseball-size meteor blasted over the Southeast Monday night, creating a bright streak of light, a sonic boom and a ruckus on Twitter, officials said Tuesday. It exploded 25 miles above Woodstock, Ala..

Mine executive sentenced: A former Massey Energy executive, David Hughart, who admitted conspiring in an illegal advance-warning scheme about surprise inspections at West Virginia coal mines, will spend 42 months behind bars. The charges grew out of a criminal investigation into the Upper Big Branch mine disaster that killed 29 miners in 2010.

Newlywed alledgely killed husband: Newlywed Jordan Linn Graham, who had doubts about her eight-day-old marriage, confessed she pushed her husband, Cody Lee Johnson, off a cliff in Glacier National Park, then told authorities he had driven off with friends, documents filed in court in Missoula, Mont., said.

— From wire services