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Obamacare: Understanding the Affordable Care Act

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To help readers understand and maneuver through Obamacare — the Affordable Care Act — the Washington Post has published a variety of consumer stories, FAQs, online chats and video segments, linked below. Check back for regular updates.

Calculator: How much will you pay for insurance?

Archived chats:

From plans to premiums: Details from health experts

Obamacare enrollment: How does it work?

Obamacare Q&A: Health reporters Mary Agnes Carey and Julie Appleby

Article’s insurance marketplace for small businesses gets off to a slow start

(Brian Snyder / Reuters)

A part of intended for small businesses has opened a year after a delay, but some doubt it will soon benefit millions of eligible U.S. workers.


A half-million people sign up for insurance during’s first week

(Don Ryan / AP)

Half of those choosing health plans are new to the federal insurance marketplace, officials say.


Few employers dropping health benefits, surveys find

(Brian Snyder / Reuters)

The Affordable Care Act is not causing much loss of employer-sponsored coverage so far.

Article opens without major problems for second enrollment period

(Don Ryan / AP)

The early hours of open enrollment appeared devoid of the troubles that plagued last year’s debut.


Administration doing lower-key outreach on health-insurance sign-ups

(Jon Elswick / Ap)

Obama administration tailors messages to


Obama officials work on health site contingency plans as enrollment nears

( / The Washington Post)

Some preparations are coming down to the wire as health officials and contractors scramble ahead of open enrollment, which starts in less than a week.


Consumers now able to window-shop for insurance on

( / The Washington Post)

Administration officials announced that consumers will be able to look at details of plans without registering.


115,000 immigrants to lose health coverage by Sept. 30 because of lack of status data

(Amy Jones / AP)

Federal health officials say those who lose coverage can reapply to regain coverage, if eligible.


Md. approves smaller rate hikes for CareFirst, lowers rates for 3 others


Regulators also lowered premium rates for Kaiser Foundation, Evergreen, All Savers health plans.


Administration warns some could lose health-care coverage on federal exchange

(KAREN BLEIER / Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

Obama administration urges 300,000 to submit proof of eligibility based on citizenship or immigration status.