In a 2,300-word posting on Facebook about Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. government’s credit rating, Sarah Palin said Monday that she had warned of the danger of federal overspending, adding that President Obama “doesn’t have a plan” or “even a notion of how to deal” with the fiscal issues facing the country.

“Be wary of the efforts President Obama makes to ‘fix’ the debt problem. The more he tries to ‘fix’ things, the worse they get because his ‘solutions’ always involve spending more, taxing more, growing government, and increasing debt,” Palin wrote. “His press conference today was just a rehash of his old talking points and finger-pointing.”

“That’s why he can’t be re-elected in 2012.”

Though Palin is still considered a possible 2012 challenger to Obama, she has hardly taken the traditional approach to campaigning. She was last seen publicly for any length of time during an East Coast bus tour in late May. While most major Republican candidates are competing in Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll this weekend, Palin has not recently visited the state.

But she does communicate regularly with her fans via Facebook, and she made clear in Monday’s post that she sides with the tea party Republicans who were loath to compromise with Obama in debt negotiations.

“Blaming the Tea Party for our credit downgrade is akin to Nero blaming the Christians for burning Rome. Tea Party Americans weren’t the ones ‘fiddling’ while our country’s fiscal house was going up in smoke.” Palin declared. “In fact, we commonsense fiscal conservatives were the ones grabbing for the extinguishers while politically correct politicians and their cronies buried their heads in what soon became this bonfire.”

In the post, titled “Conquering the Storm,” Palin says the “political class” should stop its “happy talk” about “solar shingles” and “really fast trains” and start investing in things that matter, such as domestic energy development and drilling for natural gas.

She ends not with a plea for her own candidacy, but for those of like-minded conservatives running next year: “Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.”


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