What Americans think when they “approve” or “disapprove” of President Trump in a poll

President’s standing is buffeted by sense of little progress, perceptions of decline in American leadership abroad and concerns about health-care bill.

Housing cost is top concern of residents, outpacing crime, education and even Metro

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According to a new Pew survey of 37 countries, just 49 percent view the United States favorably. 

A levy garners the most support among five funding proposals pitched to D.C. residents in a Washington Post poll.

The usual suspects of party and gun ownership matter much more in policy support.

But her high approval rating is offset by tepid enthusiasm among District residents.

Big-city and small-town Americans have vastly different views on issues like immigration and religion, helping to explain President Trump’s election

Nearly 7 in 10 rural residents say their values differ from those in big cities, a split that often centers on fairness: Who wins and loses in the new American society.

Comey’s credibility is damaged ahead of Thursday testimony

A majority of those surveyed also said the decision is likely to harm U.S. standing in the world.

Americans have growing concerns about how the House-passed health-care bill, if adopted by the Senate, might affect their costs.

The public and workers are more supportive of cutting welfare, especially Republicans.

Whites and blacks are still the least likely to marry someone of a different race.

Unhappiness with the Trump administration threatens a GOP candidate in the general election.

Former congressman Tom Perriello has a slight lead against Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, but it’s within the margin of error.

Conversely, black voter turnout saw a steep decline.

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  • May 11
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That big wave of less-educated white voters? It never happened.

A Post-ABC poll finds opposition to letting states decide on insurance rules for health benefits and preexisting medical conditions.

"People want the border. My base really wants the border. My base really wants it,” Trump told the AP.

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