New Washington Post-UMass Lowell data shows sharp racial divide on issue.

57 percent believe tackle football is safe for high school students, while 53 percent say that before high school, it is an unsafe activity.

While fans who say their interest has diminished aren’t huge in number, their reasons have caused concern among sport’s power brokers.

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New Washington Post-UMass Lowell data shows that despite all its challenges, the NFL remains as popular as ever.

Many are fans of both sports, which are more popular with under-40 audiences.

But a new Washington Post-ABC News survey shows little change in the president’s overall rating.

America's latest beloved and lamented generation.

Diplomacy doubts, concerns about strikes hitting the U.S. could drive up support.

Americans think it’s important for immigrants to possess several attributes prioritized by the new bill.

And it's one that his DOJ's new initiative seeks to address.

But most Americans still want changes to the Affordable Care Act.

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Meanwhile, a critic: “The whole family would shake hands with the devil for $10 and an hour of TV time.”

A Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that even with President Trump’s approval cratering, Democrats appear less likely than GOP voters to cast ballots in next year’s elections.

Americans are worried the United States could get involved in a war with North Korea and many do not trust Trump to handle the situation.

What Americans think when they “approve” or “disapprove” of President Trump in a poll

President’s standing is buffeted by sense of little progress, perceptions of decline in American leadership abroad and concerns about health-care bill.

One out of every three Washingtonians has protested Trump since January, poll finds.

Housing cost is top concern of residents, outpacing crime, education and even Metro

A comparison of recent polling on the GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

According to a new Pew survey of 37 countries, just 49 percent view the United States favorably. 

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