A Post-ABC poll finds opposition to letting states decide on insurance rules for health benefits and preexisting medical conditions.

"People want the border. My base really wants the border. My base really wants it,” Trump told the AP.

As President Trump approaches his 100th day in office on April 29, the Washington Post and ABC News interviewed a random sample of Americans across the country to assess how well he is performin...

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  • Apr 23
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Compared to other presidents, Trump is judged lower than most on attributes.

More than half oppose additional airstrikes at this time.

History shows Americans' support for military action can shift quickly.

Two-thirds approve of the governor’s performance, but only 41 percent support him for a second term, the poll found.

There's an interesting pattern to what Republicans kept and left out of their Obamacare replacement.

Casting a wider net carries political risks

Individual Americans' assessments of the Trump presidency.

Early support is closely tied to Trump's approval rating, but voters may be swayed by different arguments

The vast majority of polls were close to the result — but they tended to miss in one direction.

Forty percent of female Democrats say they will increase involvement in political causes, a new Washington Post poll shows. It has echoes of what gave birth to the tea party in 2009.

Recent polling finds Americans are hesitant to ease regulations or taxes on businesses.

How the economy looks may depend on how you're registered.

Sixty-five percent of people who wanted Clinton to win the election say Trump's victory has increased the amount of stress in their lives.

Obama's popularity has surged in the home stretch.

In Washington Post-ABC News poll, 66 percent of those surveyed were opposed to a plan that would grant tax credits to investors who put their money into roads, bridges and transit in return for the right to impose tolls.

In a Post-ABC poll, Americans expressed optimism about his ability to boost the economy and fight terrorism, but they are less confident on other issues.

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