A Washington Post-Reforma poll shows most Mexicans favor deporting Central American migrants to their home countries.

La mayoría de mexicanos está a favor de deportar migrantes centroamericanos a sus países de origen, de acuerdo con una encuesta de The Washington Post y Reforma.

The Gallup poll findings is in line with other national surveys but not local sentiment.

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Which voters are up for grabs in the 2020 presidential election?

Washingtonians can be split into four categories based on their travel habits, according to a new analysis.

Democrats are more likely to say the issue is more important in their 2020 vote.

In 2020 matchups, Trump trails Biden but runs even with four other potential challengers. The electorate sharply divided between pro- and anti-Trump.

The swollen Democratic field is split into two camps, with Biden, Harris, Warren and Sanders ahead of a team of less-successful rivals.

The region’s residents welcome new jobs the retail giant will bring, but also worry about higher cost of living.

“I am more afraid of the roadways now than I have ever been, and I have been driving for 36 years.”

More residents are making trips using ride-booking services such as Uber and Lyft.

We know it seems like they’re everywhere in the region, but riders remain concentrated in the District.

The Washington Post canvassed members of the four relevant committees — Judiciary and Intelligence — in the House and Senate.

The District is among several U.S. cities studying congestion pricing as a way to reduce traffic and raise money for transit. It’s a tough sell.

However, support is uneven in the Maryland suburbs, and most residents regionwide say they are concerned about tolls being too expensive.

A 68 percent majority of the region’s residents rate Metrorail positively, up from 42 percent in 2017.

Blame over unauthorized immigration at the southern border falls about evenly between President Trump and congressional Democrats, according to a Post-ABC News survey.

A clear majority of Americans, including large shares of Democratic and independent voters and a significant slice of Republicans, think the economy mainly benefits people already in power.

Sanders runs just behind Biden, but more than half of all Democrats do not volunteer support for any candidate seeking the party’s nomination.

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