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In Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders's demographic problems weren't all they're cracked up to be.

Entrance polls point to other factors than ideology.

Iowa caucus-goers older than that backed Clinton, while younger voters overwhelmingly chose Sanders.

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But is relying on evangelicals and very conservative voters a long-term strategy?

Looking ahead to South Carolina, a new poll shows that Hillary Clinton's firewall is "still intact."

A look at early numbers.

A look at the early numbers.

Including a majority who are "very" anxious.

A national survey by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals six distinct groups with a range of views about feminism, the women’s movement and policies that affect women in the United States. Take this quiz to find out which group you’re most similar to.

A national survey of people's opinions about feminism today.

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The Internet changed a movement, but maybe not for the better.

And he hits 50 percent overall.

She is seen as more electable and stronger on major issues; Sanders is viewed as more honest.

Early misgivings among GOP voters are gone, and many see the billionaire as the most electable.

Republicans drop ratings of Trump and Carson, upgrade Cruz and Christie.

A former campaign manager said he decided to commission the poll to assess the ex-mayor’s popularity.

And past voting is the best predictor of future voting.

In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Clinton’s numbers remained steady, while Sanders’s support dipped.

A new Washington Post-ABC poll also found record high opposition to an assault-weapons ban.

Ted Cruz moves into second as Ben Carson fades to a tie with Marco Rubio for third.

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