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It's a mixed bag.

What types of voters to party's need to bring back into the fold

To some voters, some things are more important than presidential qualifications.

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In a Gallup poll, black women were far more concerned about the stakes of this election than black men and white and Hispanic men and women.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed in border cities were against the plan.

Republicans and Democrats mistrust each other’s parties as the conventions begin.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll found voters dissatisfied with their choices.

A Washington Post-ABC News survey finds that twice as many people trust Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump to address race relations.

Hillary Clinton had hoped to put the issue to bed, but that doesn't appear likely anytime soon

Breaking down our fears, in data form.

Few politicians have seen the lows that Gingrich and Christie have seen.

Even as many Americans shrug off concerns about Zika virus, most say Congress should fund efforts to combat infections in the United States.

A Q and A with WaPo's polling unit.

The GOP usually leads on terrorism. Not now.

Half are anxious about a Clinton presidency; some with reservations about Trump say they will vote for him anyway.

Democrat HIllary Clinton's favorable ratings with African American and Hispanic voters remains high.

Hillary Clinton's numbers have never been worse, but she's still in much better shape.

What 2008 can tell us about today.

He needs more white votes than he's getting.

Voters view Clinton, Trump unfavorably and are motivated by whom they don’t like.

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