Only 29% of Americans said the president-elect should pursue his agenda without compromising with Democrats.

Nonwhites and women who supported Clinton are most likely to resist accepting Trump's election

The vast majority of polls were close to the result — but they tended to miss in one direction

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A number of results upended expectations.

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As polls closed nationwide Tuesday night, see how voters from different backgrounds across the nation cast their ballots.

Republican nominee did better than Mitt Romney had in many red counties.

Here's what the exits will tell us — and what they won't.

Clinton holds edge on early voting nationally, but Trump is stronger in key battlegrounds

Clinton has clear advantages on personal attributes and an advantage in positive support

Likely voters currently break 47 percent for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump in the latest tracking poll results.

Trump has a nine-point lead on addressing government corruption, but Clinton runs even or better on the economy and immigration.

Backers of losing primary candidates have largely come around to supporting their party’s nominee, but they are far from excited about their vote, with no more than one in three “very enthusiastic” about doing so.

Donald Trump has gained an advantage on which candidate is more "honest and trustworthy."

Trump and Clinton split 46-45 in a four-way contest, 47-48 in a two-way matchup.

But there’s a surprising reason why one political scientist cautions that “Virginia is still in play”

Little immediate impact in vote preferences is apparent after the FBI's decision to review more Clinton emails.

Most Republicans disapprove of Paul D. Ryan's decision not to campaign for Trump

Clinton stands at 47 percent to Trump's 45 percent in the latest Washington Post-ABC News Tracking poll

They don’t help predict elections. And it’s not clear what they mean.

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