Exit polls 2022: See how various groups across the country voted for Congress in the midterm elections by reviewing data from the network exit poll conducted by Edison Research and the AP VoteCast poll.

This year, for instance, because there are so many competitive races for House and Senate, we might not know which party controls either chamber of Congress on Election Night. That answer could take some time.

Republicans need to win a net of five seats to take control of the House. Democrats face overwhelming odds to prevent that from happening.

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A Post-ABC poll finds that 9 in 10 Americans worry political divisions have intensified so much that there’s an increased risk of politically-motivated violence.

Election polls can provide information about how voters are making their decisions this fall. Here is a guide to getting the most out of 2022 midterm polls.

But the poll found that an equally robust majority endorse programs to boost racial diversity on college campuses.

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The Post-Ipsos poll finds 63 percent of Hispanic registered voters would support Democrats for Congress if the election were held today, while 36 percent support Republicans.

A majority of Maryland voters say it’s appropriate to discuss acceptance of LGBTQ people with middle- and high-schoolers, according to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll.

A majority of Maryland registered voters say they support a November ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana for all people ages 21 and older.

Voters have much more positive perceptions of Wes Moore (D) than Dan Cox (R), a Post-UMD poll finds; voters give Cox relatively strong marks on the economy.

The fight for control of Congress is an intense one, as Republicans hold significant advantages in the most competitive House seats. But the GOP edge is being tempered by energy among Democrats over abortion rights.

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Those who support abortion access are less certain they will vote this fall — a sign of the challenges facing Democrats who hope the issue will motivate their base in the midterms.

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Four years after the Supreme Court overturned a law that limited sports gambling mostly to Nevada, about two-thirds of Americans now approve of making betting on professional sporting events legal.

About half of Americans (48 percent) have heard “a lot” or “some” about the NCAA’s decision last year to allow college athletes to be paid when their names or images are used commercially.

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