Nearly two-thirds of parents say their children are less happy as a result of the loss of youth sports over the past year, according to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll.

A new Washington Post-University of Maryland poll shows a range of outlooks about returning to stadiums and arenas.

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A letter to the White House argues that “the right public health measures are now in place” for the safe return of international visitors.

The lingering obstacles to vaccinating health-care workers foreshadows the challenge the United States will face as it attempts to get the vast majority of the population vaccinated.

These Trump voters see the “extreme left” and impeachment as sources of division.

The survey also shows that more than 6 in 10 Americans say they would probably get the vaccine.

Americans trust the president-elect’s decisions more than they did President Trump’s four years ago but less than President Barack Obama’s in 2009.

Majorities also discount election-fraud claims, though most Republicans say the party should continue to follow Trump’s lead.

The Washington Post asked Republicans in Congress three questions. Who won the presidential election? Where do you stand on Trump's efforts to claim victory? Will you accept Joe Biden as the legitimately elected president? Here's what they said.

Of the 249 Republicans in the House and Senate, 220 will not say who won the election, largely hiding from answering questions about Trump’s loss.

These are the biggest demographic shifts in the 2020 election.

See how various groups voted for Donald Trump and Joe Biden based on surveys of voters.

Trump is rated high on the economy but low on coronavirus as case numbers rise.

Polls, at their best, give us a rough estimate of a candidate’s support at a given point in time. They cannot predict whether a lead is truly safe or certain.

Biden leads Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin, two states the president won in 2016, a Post-ABC poll finds

Those who plan to vote in person on Election Day are more likely to support President Trump, according to the poll.

Two-thirds of voters approve of the governor’s handling of the pandemic.

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