Unified Democrats give Northam a boost, but the race is still fluid five weeks before Election Day

Overall sentiment on foreign policy issues has moved away from Trump over the past year.

Public opinion about climate change's role in the severity of storms continues to break down largely along partisan lines.

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A Washington Post-ABC News poll tapped Americans' one-word assessments of Trump

As Supreme Court prepares to hear New Jersey case, a Washington Post- UMass Lowell poll shows a shift in public opinion.

A majority of Americans think that the tax code favors high-income people.

A Washington Post-ABC poll also found a large majority supports making employers verify workers are in U.S. legally.

The president’s image overall remains negative, but he gets strong marks for his handling of hurricanes and a deal with Democrats.

New Washington Post-UMass Lowell data shows sharp racial divide on issue.

57 percent believe tackle football is safe for high school students, while 53 percent say that before high school, it is an unsafe activity.

While fans who say their interest has diminished aren’t huge in number, their reasons have caused concern among sport’s power brokers.

New Washington Post-UMass Lowell data shows that despite all its challenges, the NFL remains as popular as ever.

Many are fans of both sports, which are more popular with under-40 audiences.

But a new Washington Post-ABC News survey shows little change in the president’s overall rating.

America's latest beloved and lamented generation.

Diplomacy doubts, concerns about strikes hitting the U.S. could drive up support.

Americans think it’s important for immigrants to possess several attributes prioritized by the new bill.

And it's one that his DOJ's new initiative seeks to address.

But most Americans still want changes to the Affordable Care Act.

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Meanwhile, a critic: “The whole family would shake hands with the devil for $10 and an hour of TV time.”

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