A poll shows that White, Hispanic, Black and Asian teenagers have sharply different expectations for whether their race or ethnicity will hurt their ability to get ahead in life.

The president's agenda — an infrastructure bill he will sign Monday and a pending climate and social services measure — remains popular, even as some Americans worry about the size of government.

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A new poll finds that recent climate disasters have failed to shift views on global warming.

The Pew Research Center’s political typology survey shows what unites and divides each party.

What exit polling shows about how education mattered in Youngkin's win.

See exit poll results for the governor’s race between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin, including the issues that mattered most in voters’ decisions.

The Post and Schar School poll adopted some new polling methods following the 2020 election

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are locked in a tight race for the Executive Mansion.

Most Americans said U.S. foreign policy does not benefit working-class Americans.

Fewer than half support vaccine requirements for restaurant customers.

Republican shows strength among independents and in Northern Virginia exurbs.

Americans' views on the 9/11 attacks have changed over the past two decades

The percentage of people with moderate or high fear of getting sick has risen 18 points, to nearly half of Americans.

The end of the war sharply cut Biden’s job approval rating, but Americans support resettlement here of vetted refugees.

These 14-to-18-year-olds are coming of age amid a pandemic, racial justice protests and political ugliness, but remain optimistic about their own lives

A larger share of area residents said they have seriously considered moving to a new community since the pandemic began.

For many Americans, the pandemic has caused a great reassessment of work and life. They want to do something different with their jobs and lifestyles.

Survey also shows that many Americans expect to spend more time outdoors post-pandemic

The results suggest a potentially large shift in commuting patterns in the Washington area as some residents expect to change their behaviors around how they get to work and whether they work outside their homes.

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