A new Post-ABC poll finds some fascinating divisions.

Parsing an interesting result from the latest Post-ABC poll

Clinton’s August advantage has been erased, but doubts about Trump’s readiness remain.

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One poll finds that the Democrat has lost the most ground among voters in the political middle.

The viewpoint is at odds with studies showing it rarely occurs in U.S. elections.

His voters see their lives getting worse - and others' too

The defining question of 2016 is whether America needs to be restored to greatness.

There may also be concern for Democrats in four key U.S. Senate races, a new poll finds.

After a volatile stretch, Clinton maintains her advantage heading into the debates.

Detailing the Post's 75,000-interview poll conducted with SurveyMonkey

Midwest battlegrounds offer Trump hope; white college grads remain his biggest weakness.

Disdain for the GOP nominee outweighs concern about the Democratic nominee.

New mosquito-transmitted infections in Florida have not raised national concerns

But how much will it matter?

Democrats rally behind their candidate, while Republicans are slower to back Trump.

It's a mixed bag.

What types of voters to party's need to bring back into the fold

To some voters, some things are more important than presidential qualifications.

In a Gallup poll, black women were far more concerned about the stakes of this election than black men and white and Hispanic men and women.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed in border cities were against the plan.

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