Support for building a wall on the border has increased over the past year, although 54 percent of Americans still oppose the idea.

We looked at different polls to find the answer.

Trump’s withdrawal poses a test for how far Republicans will follow his lead on foreign policy.

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The most viewed are not always the most trusted

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Those most likely to believe untrue Democratic claims? MSNBC fans.

Take the quiz to see how your fact-checking skills stack up against others nationwide.

Biden leads the pack of potential 2020 Democratic nominees, but does he have support from young people?

As Pelosi spends the week back on Capitol Hill trying to convince her colleagues to give her another run at being House speaker, fewer than one-quarter of self-identified Democrats say their party’s lawmakers should pick her.

Issue likely wouldn’t be on ballot before 2020.

An analysis of state and national surveys shows that errors were smaller than in the past.

This year’s swing was, in large part, due to independent women.

The fight for control of Congress came down to only a few competitive races, including Virginia’s 10th District. A new poll gave insight into what voters here were thinking.

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