Two years after George Floyd’s murder, nearly 8 in 10 Black Americans say there has been little or no improvement in how police treat Black people, according to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll.

The survey finds 52 percent saying Trump should be charged and 42 percent saying he should not.

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The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll shows broad bipartisan support for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and for sanctions on Russia. But most Americans also want to avoid direct military confrontation with Russia.

Republicans continue to lose ground when it comes to which party voters see themselves casting ballots for in November and the parties are now at rough parity.

After another week of Russian attacks in Ukraine, national polls show that the public has unified more in support for sanctions on Russia, and one survey finds a clear majority are willing to absorb higher prices at the pump.

The nationwide survey also shows that bipartisan majorities think the virus is only “somewhat under control” or “not at all” controlled.

The president’s approval rating hits a new low, as voters indicate more trust in Republicans than Democrats as they approach November’s midterm elections.

Most residents say more police would reduce crime, but the share of those who rate police positively has dropped.

Views of Russia turn sharply negative, back to the days of the Cold War. But the public also disapproves of Biden’s handling of the crisis.

In a sharp partisan difference, nearly 8 in 10 Democrats welcomed President Biden’s decision to nominate an African American woman to the Supreme Court, while 16 percent of Republicans held that view.

At the same time, a 69 percent majority also say it would be difficult to afford rent in their neighborhood if they had to move from their current home.

In all, 42 percent of residents — parents and nonparents — rate schools positively, while 39 percent rate them negatively. That's similar to 2019, when 44 percent of residents held positive views of schools.

More fans prefer the Washington Football Team name to Commanders, according to a Washington Post poll.

A majority of D.C. residents approve of Mayor Muriel E. Bowser's job performance, but her popularity has dropped from previous years. Four months away from the June primary, Bowser has more name recognition and support than either of her two nearest competitors as she seeks a third term.

According to a Washington Post poll, 74 percent of residents support D.C.'s requirement to show proof of vaccination before going inside restaurants, gyms, concert venues and sports arenas.

A narrow majority of Americans say they are proud of the way democracy is working in the United States, continuing a two-decade decline in confidence.

Pulled between not trusting some tech companies and still wanting to use their products, people look to government regulation.

A poll shows that White, Hispanic, Black and Asian teenagers have sharply different expectations for whether their race or ethnicity will hurt their ability to get ahead in life.

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