President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and racial unrest are causing women to flee the GOP, female Republican pollsters and members say.

Most parents see in-person school as unsafe, Post-Schar School poll finds.

A record 69 percent say black people and other minorities are not treated as equal to white people in the criminal justice system, a Washington Post-ABC News poll finds.

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Trump supporters are more enthusiastic in their support. Biden is seen as more trusted on pandemic, race relations, crime and safety

As cases rise across the country, poll finds president disconnected from public on key issues.

The first randomized clinical trial of hydroxychlorquine for early treatment of patients with mild covid-19 showed the drug was not effective in treating the disease in patients who were not hospitalized. The study is a setback for proponents of the drug who argued it would be beneficial for people treated early.

A Washington Post-Ipsos poll lays bare profound racial disparities in Americans’ experience of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump is seen in starkly negative terms, while there is less enthusiasm for Biden among younger black Americans.

More than a third of black Americans say there was an occasion when they feared being hurt by a police officer.

Trump gets negative marks, with the public divided on whether the protests are mostly peaceful or mostly violent.

But Republicans are less enthusiastic about a future vaccine than Democrats.

About two-thirds worry about the potential for a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Both candidates receive mixed reviews from Americans. Trump backers more enthusiastic than Biden supporters.

With millions returning to work, a Washington Post-Ipsos poll finds trepidation about virus

Large majorities say wearing masks and social distancing are necessary in their communities.

Ohio’s DeWine leads governors with the strongest bipartisan support. Georgia’s Kemp gets an overall negative rating for the way he has dealt with the coronavirus crisis.

Optimism is high among workers that they can return to their pre-pandemic jobs, but economists warn over millions of job losses are likely to be permanent.

A Washington Post-Ipsos poll found that Hispanics and blacks are more likely than whites to lose their jobs during the economic shutdowns, deepening the divide in how different racial and ethnic groups are experiencing the crisis.

Americans remain worried about returning to restaurants and stores, a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll found, as models forecast a more dire covid-19 toll and the White House weighs shutting down its coronavirus task force.

One justice likened the Democratic governor's decision to the World War II Japanese internment camps.

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