Maryland divides on casino gambling expansion

Poll Questions

Q: (AMONG LIKELY VOTERS) As you may know, Question 7 on the state ballot is the 'Gaming Expansion Referendum'. If the election were held today, would you vote yes or no on Question 7? (See 'complete trends' page for full wording)

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Q: How many campaign advertisements, if any, have you seen or heard about Question 7 on the state ballot? (Among registered voters)

Q: Overall, do you think having slot machine casinos in Maryland has been a (good) thing or a (bad) thing for the state? (Among registered voters)

Q: If Maryland expands the number of gaming locations in the state, how confident are you that they will produce more money for schools? (Among registered voters)

Q: How concerned are you, if at all, that the expansion of casino gaming in Maryland will hurt the state by leading to more crime and other problems, such as gambling addiction? (Among registered voters)

Q: Have you visited a casino to play slot machines in Maryland in the past year, or not? IF YES: Was that in the past week, the past month, or before that? (Among registered voters)

Q: In the past year, have you been to a casino in Delaware, Pennsylvania or West Virginia, or not? (Among registered voters)

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Q: If there were a casino at National Harbor in Prince George's County, how often do you think you would go there to gamble: frequently, occasionally, rarely or never? (Among registered voters)