Post-Pew poll: Campaign spending from outside groups -- July 26-29, 2012

In this poll:

Just one in four Americans have heard a lot about increased campaign spending from outside groups. Few say the influx of cash will help Obama or Romney more than the other.

Poll Questions

Q: How much, if anything, have you heard about increased spending in this year'’s presidential election by outside groups not associated with the candidates or campaigns?

Q: What do you think the main effect of this increased spending by outside groups will be on the election? (Responses coded as positive, negative or neutral. See complete trends page above for open-ended responses)

Q: And just in general, do you think increased spending by outside groups in the presidential election will (help Obama more than Romney), (help Romney more than Obama), or (not help one candidate more than the other)?

Q: What does the term Super-PAC refer to (a group able to accept unlimited political donations), (government clean-up projects at hazardous waste sites), (a Congressional committee on the budget deficit), or (a popular video game for smartphones)?

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