Pro football survives off-season criticism as nation's favorite spectator sport

In this poll:

A new Washington Post poll suggests that football remains by far the country's most popular sport and that the game's inherent violence is as much of an appeal as it is a liability.

Poll Questions

Q: What is your favorite sport to watch? (Options read unless marked 'Vol')

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a fan of football, or not? Are you a big fan, or not so big?

Q: (AMONG FOOTBALL FANS) Would you say your interest in professional football is increasing or decreasing?

Q: (AMONG NON-FOOTBALL FANS) Have you EVER considered yourself a professional football fan, or not?

No opinion

Q: Did you or someone in your family play football when they were growing up, or not? (IF YES: Was that you or a family member?)

Q: Would you recommend children today to play youth or high school football, or would you discourage them from it?

Q: (IF RECOMMEND FOOTBALL) What’s the main reason why – you like the sport, team sports are important, the culture or what?

Q: (IF DISCOURAGE FOOTBALL) What’s the main reason why – is it because of the chance of injury, the culture, you prefer they do other things or what?

Q: How concerned are you, if at all, with the number of injuries in professional football – very concerned, somewhat concerned, not so concerned or not concerned at all?

Q: (AMONG FOOTBALL FANS) If there were fewer hard hits in professional football, do you think you would like the sport (more) or (less)?