Washington Post D.C. area transportation poll

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Poll Questions

Q: In general, when getting places you need to go in the area where you live, how often do you travel by car - nearly all the time, most of the time, some of the time or hardly ever?

Q: (AMONG THOSE WHO TRAVEL BY CAR) Thinking about the trips you make on an average weekday, about how much time do you spend in the car: less than 30 minutes, 30 minutes to an hour, one to two hours, or more than two hours? (Open-ended)

Q: How often do you, yourself, get stuck in traffic jams - every day, several times a week, several times a month, a few times a year, or never?

Q: At present, are you yourself employed part-time or full-time, or are you retired or something else?

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS) How do you usually get to work - do you drive alone, drive or ride with someone else, take a bus, take the Metrorail subway system, take other public transportation, ride a bike, walk or what?

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS WHO DO NOT TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION) Which comes closer to your own situation: (It is possible for me to take public transportation from home to work, but for various reasons I usually don’t) or (It is not possible for me to get from home to work using public transportation)?

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS) Do you work in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia?

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS) How many minutes does it usually take you to commute from home to work? (Open-ended)

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS) Before you start your commute to work, do you look for information about what is going on with the roads or Metro, or not?

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Q: (AMONG THOSE WHO CHECK COMMUTE) What's your main source for information about your commute - is it (TV), (a newspaper), (radio), (a media website), (a blog) or what? (SPECIFY)

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS) Do you ever use any smartphone applications to check on the status of your commute, or not? If you don't have a smartphone, just tell me. IF YES: is that every day, most days, just some days or only every now and then

Q: Just your best guess, on AVERAGE how much time do you think traffic congestion adds to your daily commute? That is, how many more minutes do you spend driving one way, compared to what it would be with no traffic?

Q: (AMONG COMMUTERS) How often, if ever, do you telecommute: every day, several times a week, once a week, several times a month, less often than that or never?

Q: (AMONG THOSE WHO EVER TELECOMMUTE) In deciding to telecommute, how important a factor is how long it takes to get to and from work - the single most important factor, one of several important factors, but not the most important; or not a factor you?

Q: (AMONG EMPLOYED) Do you think people who work at home using their computers to connect to their business offices are more productive, less productive, or just as productive as people who work in a business office?

Q: (AMONG TELECOMMUTERS) How about you, when you work from home are you generally more productive, less productive, or just as productive as when you work in the office?

Q: Do you think government efforts to reduce traffic congestion in the Washington region should be focused more on expanding and building roads, or on providing more public transportation options, such as trains or buses?

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Q: As you may know, parts of the 495 Beltway now charge adjustable tolls to try to spread out the flow of traffic – higher tolls at times of day when traffic is heavy, and lower tolls at times of day when traffic is light. Is that something you support or oppose?

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Q: Have you traveled on these special lanes on the Beltway, or not? (parts of 495 Beltway adjustable toll)

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Q: (AMONG THOSE WHO HAVE USED 495 TOLL LANES) Do you think it is worth the extra expense to use the toll lane, or not?

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Q: Have you traveled on the new Inter County Connector or ICC which connects Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland, or not?

No opinion

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of Washington D.C.'s effort to increase the number of bicycle lanes on major roads?

No opinion

Q: Do you think the local government in your area is doing too (much) to accommodate bikers, too (little) or is it about right?

Q: (AMONG THOSE WHO USE METRORAIL) Now thinking about Metrorail, which line do you use most often - (Red), (Blue), (Orange), (Yellow) or (Green)?

Q: Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a...

Q: (HALF SAMPLE) What do you think of the use of automatic cameras to catch people driving over the speed limit - is that something you support or oppose?

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