“I’m not so easy to fire,” Geoffrey Berman says in an interview.

Districts rethink approach to closing schools amid new data.

The president-elect says this will not be a third Obama term, as Pompeo trashes his picks.

Yellen faces a worsening economy as the president-elect’s pick for Treasury.

President-elect’s pick advocated for military intervention in Libya and Syria under Obama.

John Lewis’s home county delivered Biden’s margin of victory in Georgia.

Arizona’s secretary of state issues an ominous warning.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs was glaringly absent during the acting Defense secretary’s announcement.

The president-elect’s latest hires suggest he plans to run for reelection in 2024.

The president tweeted 49 times on Sunday.

In an interview, the billionaire discusses his new book, climate change and the coronavirus.

The president-elect is talking to some heads of state who had contentious interactions with Trump.

The Senate majority leader does not seem to share Biden's sense of urgency to start working together.

As a post-election purge begins, look at who is staying.

It took only 10 days for the U.S. to move from 9 million coronavirus cases to 10 million.

Foreign leaders have responded more graciously than GOP leaders to Biden’s victory.

Biden takes a lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia, but both races remain too close to call.

Wins in Michigan and Wisconsin put victory within reach for the Democratic nominee.

Biden still has a clear path to victory, but Democrats had a bad night in House and Senate races.

The president considers a post-election purge of federal health officials.

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