The president faces an array of foreign policy decisions, few of them on a timetable of his choice.

Taken at face value, senators invested with enormous power are calling the waahhhmbulance and preparing to smother Tanden’s nomination because their feelings are hurt.

William J. Burns would go further than the president on Confucius Institutes.

You might call it Biden’s 'America First' approach.

President Biden's nominee for attorney general isn't interested in defunding police departments in the wake of racial justice protests.

GOP Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Josh Hawley (Mo.) are just two of the senators set to grill Garland, who said this morning he would make the Capitol riot his first priority as Biden's attorney general.

'We’re prepared to reengage in negotiations ... on Iran’s nuclear program,' Biden told world leaders Friday during the Munich Security Conference.

In Limbaugh’s telling, the party’s establishment exaggerated the appeal of policy and undervalued what, in 2021, might be called the desirability of 'owning the libs.'

Let’s come out and say it: An absence of incendiary tweets doesn’t make a young presidency boring when the administration is facing a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, the resulting economic devastation, the climate crisis and a host of other problems. A running seven-day average of deaths from the virus stood at 2,455.

'If he wants to change the face of America, Mr. Biden and his secretary of state, Tony Blinken, who knows Europe so well, can start by nominating ambassadors who are normal, serious, and competent,' Le Monde wrote.

A strong strain of elite impunity runs through American politics.

Praising Mike Pence is part of Democrats' strategy.

The linguistic contortions can make for jarring reading.

It’s hard to imagine a February address to Congress can take place as it normally would.

Administration officials and local allies have conducted more than 30 interviews in 10 states.

Biden has thus far seemed to heed progressive warnings not to repeat the errors of 2009, when Obama courted GOP votes by watering down his economic stimulus package. Biden may use a process known as budget reconciliation to gain approval of his coronavirus relief legislation.

For every earnest lawmaker hoping to make America better, there’s a sentient YouTube comment section drafting their next theatrically incendiary statement in a town car on the way to their next cable TV hit.

And Bernie Sanders predicts no one in Democratic caucus will "turn his or her back on the president" when it comes to Biden's coronavirus relief package.

The Afghan peace effort. Policy toward Cuba. Whether former president Donald Trump should be denied customary intelligence briefings. Relations with Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and now Myanmar (a.k.a Burma).

“We’ve got to reject the dark conspiracy theories and lies," said the Illinois Republican, who is starting a PAC to break Donald Trump's stranglehold on the GOP.

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