If making promises is easy, measuring success can bedevil presidents.

The president has ordered a potentially consequential 'review' of whether the Taliban are keeping their end of a February 2020 agreement calling for a U.S. and NATO withdrawal by May.

The strategy seems designed to spare the GOP from having to defend the former president’s actions (and inaction).

Ex-presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton taped footage for the ad at Biden's inauguration. Donald Trump was, of course, a no-show.

Former Republican senator Bob Corker warns allies might worry 'Trump gets reelected in four years and everything Biden works towards is upended again.'

'I’ll be driving our efforts to ensure that matters of equity and justice are fully incorporated into all that we try to do,' said the new head of the Domestic Policy Council.

This is James Hohmann’s final edition of the newsletter.

The president-elect lays out an agenda to address what he sees as the four biggest crises during his first 10 days.

Defending deficit spending, the president-elect says his $1.9 trillion proposal is a down payment.

The vibe was different from December 2019 on both sides of the aisle.

The White House expects more defections.

Scholars suggest a Reconstruction-era remedy, instead of impeachment, after Trump incited mob.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) says he is hesitant to wade into contested Republican primaries for open seats.

Invoking the 25th Amendment remains unlikely, but some Republicans call on Trump to resign and House Democrats are considering impeaching him a second time.

Pro-Trump mob takeover of Capitol is a propaganda coup for U.S. adversaries.

Ossoff declares victory, and Republicans lash out at Trump, as Democrats mull what they could do if they secure the Senate majority.

Compare Chip Roy to Ted Cruz, two Texas Republicans on opposite sides of certification.

Tennessee delegation reflects the change in the chamber.

The FFCRA expires on Dec. 31.

Nearly 900,000 filed for jobless benefits last week, according to the Labor Department.

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