Mitch McConnell hasn't offered support yet but some in his ranks are backing it.

Larry Summers and Jason Furman are calling for a "revolution" in macroeconomic policymaking.

The group of senators will need to break logjams over the price of a bill and its key components.

Two top advisors have worked at BlackRock, but liberals so far appear happy with the team's orientation.

More Americans are now going hungry than at any time during the pandemic.

The position means getting into the trenches with a divided Congress.

Meanwhile, President-elect Biden wants a quick if not perfect stimulus package.

Trump's effort to subvert the election outcome hasn't spooked the market.

Leaders remain deadlocked on new relief, as the pandemic roars out of control and forces new shutdowns.

The loss is blow to Trump's effort to secure his legacy.

Executives are helping Biden turn the page from a messy campaign and its aftermath.

President-elect Joe Biden is set to press for more aid. The question is how much.

Senate GOP prioritizes controversial pick over covid relief.

Biden dominated in the engines of economic growth, while Trump carried areas threatened by automation.

Wall Street critics are cautiously optimistic over what they have seen so far.

The S&P 500 notched its second-highest close in history.

The president-elect may find limited ability to pass large-scale relief amid divided government.

Powell has decent prospects for another term under a President Biden and Republican Senate.

The post-election period could offer a brief reprieve from gridlock but details remain unknown.

Investors are shrinking their expectations for a major stimulus package.

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