Former CISA director Chris Krebs says baseless claims about issues like coronavirus vaccines can have real-world consequences

As established companies like Boeing attempt to gain a foothold in the space race, regulators are tasked with building new standards and language

The sudden crackdown has spooked investors. But it may not be as destructive as it seems.

Instagram says the new features are part of ongoing work to protect kids on the app; they also may serve to appease regulators

The lobbying growth demonstrates the strained relationship between Chinese tech companies and the Biden administration

This time, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) has introduced a bill to make social media companies liable for health misinformation.

Here's what I learned writing The Technology 202.

The choices reflect a major shift in how the Democratic Party approaches tech regulation.

It's part of a broader Republican strategy likely to be echoed in the 2022 midterms.

An ugly back-and-forth with the White House highlighted a lack of transparency.

The “network of savvy affiliate marketers” includes many well-known spreaders of vaccine disinformation.

The company sought to prevent her from participating in decisions about the agency’s high-profile antitrust case against it.

Amid government inaction, law enforcement is increasingly using the software.

Magrethe Vestager said regulators' success in taking on the world's most powerful companies hinges on greater cooperation among democracies.

She warns the company’s algorithms might be misleading consumers.

She signaled a new era of tougher antitrust enforcement with her first moves. But the meeting came after a tough week.

A judge issued a preliminary injunction just hours before the law was set to take effect.

She wants the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to look into the secret program 'Project Bernanke.'

Top Democrats and Republicans say the ruling shows the need to pass legislation that targets the company's business practices.

He says the package of antitrust bills that passed the House address allegations of conservative bias.

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