Ron Paul just keeps going and going. The Texas representative is making good on his claims of staying in the race and collecting delegates despite the fact that he has not won a single contest yet. Paul did little to contest the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama and the results reflected that. Paul finished fourth in both races, well behind the other three major candidates.

Paul took 4 percent of the vote in Mississippi, 5 percent in Alabama and 18 percent in Hawaii, where he came in third behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Looking forward to next week’s primary in Illinois, The Post’s Dan Balz reports that Paul will hold what his advisers predict to be a big rally on the University of Illinois campus on Wednesday night.

Needless to say, Paul continues to be a player in the race, but not a top scorer, and he likely doesn’t have enough states remaining to mount a serious challenge to the other leading candidates.

Previously, Paul had done well with young voters. But the Post’s Behind the Numbers blog on polls and polling reports:

Ron Paul’s lock on voters under age 30 eroded in Alabama and Mississippi, where he spent very little time campaigning. What had been one of his consistently best groups went to Santorum. He won the support of 41 percent in Alabama and 45 percent in Mississippi.

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