Vice President Joe Biden, left, and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. (AP/AP)

Both parties’ vice presidential hopefuls earn lukewarm reviews from Americans, marking a lackluster introduction for Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and a major drop-off in popularity for Vice President Biden as the Republican and Democratic conventions near, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Ryan receives favorable marks from 41 percent of the public, while 37 percent rate him negatively. The outspoken author of the congressional Republicans’ budget plan enjoyed a ratings boost in a Post-ABC poll after appearing with Romney for the first time at a blockbuster rally on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk. Since then, strongly unfavorable ratings of Ryan have crept up 9 percentage points.

Ryan’s opponent is no more popular; the vice president’s ratings have taken a severe hit since he entered office. Barely four in 10 respondents see Biden positively in the new poll, with just as many expressing unfavorable views. In January 2009, more than six in 10 saw Biden in a favorable light.

Both Ryan and Biden find glowing reviews among their base, with Biden reaching 79 percent among Democrats and Ryan 80 percent among Republicans.