These are gay ol’ times in the United States

This is “the very first year an American is more likely to live in a place with relationship recognition than in a place without it.“

A year after DOMA ruling, benefits for same-sex federal workers expand

A year later, it’s unclear how many have been added to benefits programs.

The gay marriage movement scores new victories in Utah and Indiana


Two rulings Wednesday join a long list of victories on the eve of the one-year anniversary of an historic Supreme Court decision.

Social Security agency shows why Supreme Court must act on gay marriage

Until marriage equality is legal nationwide, legally married same-sex couples won’t be able to avail themselves of the benefits they deserve.

Obama hails LGBT progress, but says work remains

Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention’s LGBT gala in New York

Gross misunderstanding of Hillary Clinton on gay marriage

She was right to push back against an insinuation that doesn’t stand up to the facts.

Hillary Clinton’s strangely awkward Terry Gross interview on gay marriage

It was uncomfortable.

Time for the Supreme Court to join nation in support of gay marriage

The justices will be following the nation rather than pushing it someplace it doesn’t want to go.

Same-sex marriage and the case against Prop 8

The first draft of history in the Supreme Court’s invalidation of Proposition 8 is trickling out.

Gay marriage in Oregon (no appeal)

Same-sex marriage is 17-0 since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA last summer.