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Same Sex Marriage

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On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court struck down a part of the Defense of Marriage Act, saying the federal ban on benefits to same-sex couples is unconstitutional; it also declined to rule on California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman. A roundup of other recent articles on the topic of same -sex marriage and related issues.

That time Edie Windsor got angry — and changed America

What an incredible inheritance she left us. All of us.

Let’s not forget the man behind the Stonewall monument to LGBT history

“Barack Obama has done more for LGBTQ people than all of his predecessors put together.“

Sanders’s evolving and ‘wishy-washy’ stance on same-sex marriage (Fact Checker biography)

The Bernie Sanders campaign says the candidate was an “outspoken proponent” of gay marriage in his state.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that DOMA had to be enacted to stop an anti-gay marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Clinton’s broader characterization of the 1996 debate over DOMA is a stretch--and earns Four Pinocchios.

Federal judge orders Christian clerk to issue same-sex marriage licenses

“Our form of government will not survive unless we, as a society, agree to respect the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions,” a federal judge wrote. Kim Davis has already begun the process of appealing Wednesday’s ruling.

After court ruling, gay veterans get marriage benefits they were denied

A Supreme Court ruling two years ago allowed the government to extend benefits to federal workers in same-sex marriages, but excluded veterans

Republican contortions on gay weddings

GOP presidential aspirants who say they’re listening to the American people should follow them on marriage equality.

Family is important to Marco Rubio, just not gay families

For someone billing himself as the candidate of tomorrow, Rubio’s exclusionary view of family is mired in 1950s idealism.


Obama’s words in same-sex marriage filing to court is a major shift for him

(Win Mcnamee / Getty Images)

The administration’s legal strategy has been unequivocal in saying that restrictions violate the Constitution.

Loving the Supreme Court’s decision to take on gay marriage

When the justices hear arguments in late April, the conditions will be more favorable for same-sex marriage than it was for interracial marriage.